“AUTO ADVISORIES” Newsletter Keeps You Informed


European Auto Repair Grows With Carlos Showing’s Leadership and Client Satisfaction

Carlos Showing, the owner of European Auto Repair, has been the sole owner of the business since 2008. His numerous changes have brought growth and new clients over the years, but the long-standing attention to personal service and quality work has continued to be the foundation of the business

“I want all our customers to know we are right here for them, with the dedication to provide the very best in quality, service, and value,” says Carlos.

An addition in 2010 was the company’s first website and communications tools, designed by Thompson Group Marketing of Walnut Creek. The online presence has now expanded to online reviews, automated service reminders, client newsletters, and a Facebook page. Please “like us” on Facebook to receive our occasional posts.

“AUTO ADVISORIES” Newsletter Keeps You Informed

We created “AUTO ADVISORIES” – our periodic email and web communication – for several reasons:

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Understanding the Warranty “stuff” and the Major Myth of Vehicle Dealerships

There are different approaches to maintaining your automobile:

Assuming you wish to drive your car long beyond the warranty, read on.

The maintenance described in the owners manual is a basic schedule intended to preserve the systems of your car for the duration of the original warranty. That maintenance is not intended to prolong the life of the car. Repair procedures, quality of parts and installation are the things that prolong the life of the car.

Maintenance of your new car does not have to be performed by the dealer that you purchased your car from. It can be performed by any “Repair Dealer”, which means any auto repair shop that has the proper training to do so. European Auto Repair qualifies as one of these Repair Dealers.

As we develop a trusting relationship with our customers, we are able to tailor our repair procedures and maintenance schedule to conform with what best suits your needs and what you need to do to be a responsible car owner. This maintains the car’s warranty as well. In the long run, this is the best and most economical way to maintain your car – allowing us to work to eliminate major repair surprises and help pre-plan when larger repairs might come up next.

We suggest we meet to discuss what best suits your needs and explain procedures we need to follow. Give us a call and schedule a free consultation. Bring your receipts of previous repairs, discuss what you expect of your car and give us an opportunity to show you how best to treat your car and spend your money wisely.